West Plains Savings and Loan is proud to offer a variety of loans. These include our one year and five year adjustable rate mortgages, our fifteen, twenty, twenty-five and thirty year fixed rate mortgages and our construction loans. We also offer consumer and agricultural loans as well. One of these types of loans may be what you're looking for to purchase or construct the home you have always wanted, refinance the home you already own, use the equity in the home or land you already own to make other purchases or investments, or buy that car or truck you just can't pass up.

Come talk to one of our loan officers and see what West Plains Savings and Loan can do for you.

Types of Loans

Homeowner Loans

  • Primary Residence - purchase home - consolidate bills - buy other property - refinance home.
  • Secondary Residence - purchase vacation home - property for family members.

Investment Properties

  • Single Family Rental - purchase properties - refinance existing mortgage - leverage equities.
  • Duplex Rental - multi family units for income purposes.

Land Only

  • Vacant Farm Land - purchase property - refinance gross and timber land incomes.
  • Building Sites - future building sites.

Construction Loans

  • West Plains Savings and Loan will now provide financing for owner occupied primary residences.

Installment Loans

  • Secured loans for vehicles, campers, boats, ATVs, motorcycles, etc.

Personal Loans

  • Short term personal loans for vehicles, campers, boats, ATVs, motoprcycles, etc

Agricultural Loans

  • Any agricultural purpose loan or line of credit including needs for tractors, ag equipment, cattle, etc.

Small Business Loans

  • Small business loans are approved on a case by case basis. Contact a representative for details.

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